EABD Conference 2013

The European-African Business Development Conference 2014 is a unique opportunity to connect businesses in Europe and Africa to one another. Much is said on the news but little is known to increase the European private sector’s awareness of the many commercial opportunities in Africa and vice versa. Yet steadily, more investors are aware of the promising growth in the African economy which creates – at least – a common ground for bilateral business relationships between European and African entrepreneurs. This year’s Conference theme has everything to do with:

Africa: The Next Frontier


Business relationships between Europe and Africa has experienced too many obstacles which can also be contributed to a lack of knowledge or too little information. However, the untapped opportunities mostly in Africa can lead to a great revenue potential that business can generate between Europe and Africa, looking at the fast growing middle class in Africa.

This summit aims to provide a critical assessment of the current state and future of the European – African economic relationships. More specifically, the summit will:

  • Present a critical assessment of current trade and investment climate in Africa and address specific policy issues that confront the European private sector in the African market place
  • Identify specific intra- and inter- regional needs in Africa and encourage multi-lateral co-operation between international investors and role-players, business practitioners and policy makers
  • Identify and review the need for trade-related technical assistance and capacity-building in terms of partnership with Africa
  • Showcase key development initiatives to the private & public sectors of the many commercial opportunities on both continents
  • Offer a biannual international platform for European and African enterprises, business leaders, policy makers, academics to share ideas and build confidence/consensus around developing creative and sustainable business relationships.