In the last decade, growth in Africa have shown tremendous increase, putting Africa in the lime light as investment destination. This mean there is great need for fund, to support the growth. However, the influx of the needed fund or investors interest have not shown parallel growth, thus slowing the rate of economic growth and development. Fund is the heart of growth, and whereby the availability of the needed fund is slow,  it also affects the rate of growth in the economy.

However, there are a lot of fund providers and creditors who are willing to invest in Africa and fund various projects in Africa.  But there have been a gap of information that exists between the  providers of fund and projects that are looking for funding in Africa.

Our conviction in the great opportunity that exists in Africa have led us to create this Summit, so that we can bring the two parties together, face to face, so that they can speed date and possibly find a common ground of working together. The existence of high risk in Africa should not be a barrier to funding a project in Africa, rather it should be an opportunity since the law of high risk and high return still exists.

Our intention is not to stop just at the conference  alone. We have packaged together with our partners, a pre, and post services with regards to getting funding and managing it well. We have also assembled through our network of partners in Africa, tried to develop a process of  due diligence, so as to improve on the credibility of the companies seeking for funding.  We guarantee you that you have come to the right place when it comes to funding and we will make sure that your expectations are not cut off.