Our Services

We do not just give you an event or the servicess you are looking for, we create unforgettable experiences for you. Events can be forgotten, services can fade away, but experiences last forever…

Corporate Events
We understand that when it comes to corporate events like dinners and product introductions, it is all about image. With this in mind we create an event together with your company that will fit into your budget, while the style and class is always maintained.
Not only that, we can also take care of all your catering and bar services. With our in-house know how, we will take the stress off your shoulder while you focus on your core business
You will be involved in the whole process, avoiding unwanted surprises. The result will be an experience that you will never forget.

Conferences & Expos
Have you ever been to a conference and felt cheated or you swear never to attend any other conference? Well not when we are part of the planning.
Because many conferences and expositions are physically and mentally demanding, we take that into consideration when planning these events. We try to plan it in a way that it will not only be interactive, but fun enough to engage your concentration all throughout the conference or exposition period. And at the same time creating and unforgettable experience for the attendee.

Do you wish to book any artist, locally or internationally, but do not know where to start or who to approach? Well, you have reached your final bus stop. Apart from organising our own concerts and festivals, we also work as a partner to your concert or festival. Not only that, we can also undertake the whole process on your behalf, from the initial contact to the artists to the final concert or festival.
Just feel free to contact us, so that we can discuss with you on the possibilities of what we can mean for your plan for next event or festival.